12 Days of Giving

12 Days of Giving
12 Days of Giving

San Benito County

The funds raised during 12 Days of Giving helps Chamberlain’s provide many extras to aid the kids’ overall development like essential life skills. Extras they have never experienced before like a visit to Monterey Bay Aquarium, Gilroy Gardens or Academy of Sciences, which helps them build a sense of family and essential social skills. With the COVID-19, those wonderful trips have been put on pause and the staff is getting extra creative with more fun and skill teaching arts and crafts such as painting, playing board games as well as creating new inventive games for indoor and outdoor activities and baking and cooking things the kids want to learn to make!

Adding to the list of extras are trips that aren’t so limited during the pandemic like trips to the beach, picnics at the park, and other family-like activities many of us are familiar with but a Chamberlain’s child is not. 12 Days of Giving funds help ensure fun experiences for the Chamberlain’s children so they may learn, discover their strengths, have fun and develop healthy, positive relationships.

On Christmas morning, the children are surprised with wrapped gifts under the tree, filled stockings and home-cooked traditional Christmas meals. The look of joy on the kids’ faces is invaluable! They are so excited that they get to keep what they received!

The fun for the kids continues in the days following Christmas. Staff takes personal pride in providing great “Winter Break” experiences! 12 Days of Giving funds helps provide this and so much more well into the New Year! Thank you for helping make a difference and becoming a Chamberlain’s Super Hero!

Thank you to our generous supporters!

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